We have a dedicated fire lab and remedy center in Phagwada, Punjab, India. It is active seven days a week and is located on the first floor. Our astrology consultation team is also operating from this location. There are a total of five fire pits, three of these are in the outdoor area and under a shade.  We also offer online fire lab webcasts from these two indoor fire pits. We also have a temple located on the second floor having many powerful and beautiful statues. Every day in morning we do abhishekam rituals and do pooja to numerous dieties. Special poojas and other ceremonies are also conducted on demand of our followers throughout the day.



We start our daily rituals with an abishekam to dieties  followed by fire rituals.  Approximately we have 10+ individual fire rituals which are performed everyday at our Phagwada center. We also perform some fire rituals during evenings.  During festivals we have long lasting fire rituals.  We also undertake rituals depending upon special needs – e.g. Health, Wealth, Marriage Problems, Career Problems, Promotion issues, Protection from enemies etc etc. We also undertake  “Cow Pooja”  and other special remedies.

Where do I start ?

The best way to start ordering any ritual is to view the live events through which you will be able to understand how the rituals are being performed in Astrologer indian Fire Lab. Also it is best to consult either a vedic astrology, Angel reading, Nadi reading or Astamanangala prasana reading to order the appropriate ritual. You can also order specific purpose pooja without consulting astrologers.