It is commonly believed that our present life on this planet earth is lead by our past life Karmas, (Karmaashaya, collective actions of our past life or if one may call in contemporary terms, bank balance in our saving accounts, accumulated by us in previous lives).

There are three types of Karma; Shukla meaning white or in other words, good deeds, Krishna meaning black or in other words, evil deeds and Shukla-Krishna, meaning mixed acts, which are both good and bad.

If someone intentionally or accidentally kills a snake to save another person or animal even with selfless motive, he is said to have committed a Shukla-Krishna karma as though saving one life is a good deed, killing another is bad.

Most good human beings, who willfully refrain from committing themselves to bad deeds, unfortunately, get trapped into committing Shukla-Krishna Karma for which they remain answerable in their next life. ‘Prarabdha’ means the resultant package of all good and bad experiences which we must face in the current life as a result of our bad karma from past lives.

More than 90% of our problems; stress, strain, frustrations, sufferings, etc., that all of us face in current life can be categorize into three types;

       a. Wealth and Carrier related, Job, Profession, Finance, Money, Property, vehicles, etc.
        b. Health and Medical related, diseases, accidents, etc.
        c. Relationship related –among immediate family members, Friends, relations, society
We try our best within our capability, put in the endeavor, time, and energy and yet the results we achieve are contrary to our expectations. Most of the people feel let down, get de-motivated and surrender to the circumstances.
Sometimes we think why these things happen to “me only”? Is there any way to burn off karma?
how can I heal my past life karma?
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