Remedies are nothing but action done on your part. Just like if you’re hungry then eating food will fulfill you. Doing particular remedies will reduce or end some of your problems.

There are numerous remedies and of different types. Each is very carefully devised and has different purpose. Some common ones are given below:

  • Desh, Kaal, Patra:

These three are the most fundamental factors of astrology. Desh means the environment, Kaal means the time period, and patra means the context. A result can only happen if the environment, the time period and the context are in its favor.

For example, nobody today suffers from smallpox. Why? have the planets changed? The kaal has changed. In today’s 21st century, UN’s mission has eradicated smallpox from the world.

Almost the entire population of Russia is literate, and almost the entire population of Afghanistan is illiterate. Why? Do people born with same horoscopes on the same day and time get more problems to their horoscope? The desh has changed. Because of development and government policy, literacy has become the basic necessity in Russia.

Earlier, a doctor’s son had to become a doctor only, today he can be an astronaut as well. Why? The patra has changed. Earlier a son only had his father and mother in home. Today he has television and internet within reach to develop interest and learn anything as per his wish.

Hence, if someone shifts to a developed country in a favorable direction/culture; all of a sudden the same horoscope will become much more powerful. Some grow a lot in Gulf, some grow a lot in western countries. Depending on the kind of horoscope, each country provides a different base.

Same way, if a critically ill kid is shifted from a backward rural village to a metropolitan city, suddenly his chances of survival increase. The same kid, if only he had stayed in the village would have probably died.

  • Strength in horoscope:

Well, lets say that your wealth house (dhan bhava) is completely damaged. You spend a lot, you never save, you have no financial backing and you’re pretty much vulnerable if you lose job today. And yet, you never stop spending. Cash just flows out. Is there a remedy?

If your wealth house is damaged, it won’t let you preserve money and spend it for sure. But what if you spend it on an investment plan? Or buying a house? Or buying gold? The wealth house isn’t concerned with these at all, is it? So if I see a possibility, I’ll recommend you where exactly to put your money. You still would have cash crunch, you still will spend all you can. You would still be vulnerable in day to day life. But you’ll simply be the owner of a house along with it.

Same way, lets say you can’t do business. You have no knowledge of market and you always end up making losses. You have failed business after business! Is there a remedy?

If your horoscope says you can’t do business, it does not mean someone else can’t do business! So if I recommend you to do work in partnership and not take decisions of business independently, your business would no more be bound by your horoscope as you’re not the only owner!


  • Mantra Shastra and Hymn:

There are two kinds of chantings. One are called stotras which are praises or descriptions of deities written in sanskrit. These have a psychological appeal and help to calm the mind. These are remedies to change your outlook to life and help you sail through bad times.

On the other hand, there are mantras which are again of two kinds. First is the Vedic mantra which is a short verse for a deity and written to have spiritual impact. These help increase mental prowess, confidence, and other intellectual capacities. The other are tantrik mantras which are made of beejaksharas which are sounds instead of words. Each such mantra invokes vibrations in the body and creates ripples in one’s sookshma shareer. There have a more direct impact on most aspects of life.


  • Totkas:

Totkas are remedies done for once to pass the effect away in some other form. These are done to let the results manifest in an unrelated way such these don’t affect you. For example, most Lal-Kitab remedies of burying and throwing things.


  • Upayas:

Upayas are such actions done in order to convert results of one kind to the other. These are most common in Ayurveda and related fields. For example, if you have a weak Venus, it would manifest in certain deficiencies in your body which would get converted to health issues. Restoring the balance through herbs, roots, or other upayas or jadi-booti helps maintain the deficiency. As a result, the health issue can never show up.


  • Muhurat:

There are often events where you cannot do such a thing. If you’re going abroad, you cannot open your horoscope and then ascertain if the result would be good or bad and then fo a 40 day long remedy for it! Hence, muhurat shastra is used such as one carefully plans the time of undertaking something. Just like humans, any event is born when it takes place for the first time. If the horoscope at that time is very strong, the entire event/undertaking would go well.